Story about Boat Race – 2016

The famous company “NoName” decided to take part in the Boat Race – 2016.

They hired that hospitality company (you know what I am talking about), because they, I suppose, wanted to go through the same grief, and, as we will notice, life teaches nothing.

“The Boat Race – 2016” was carried out in the country near Saint-Petersburg. There are 5 people from “NoName” company who participated in this event. The hospitality company (HC) was bound to deliver our team to this country and provide breakfast and necessary stuff for creating a boat. Also, the company obliged to return team to the city in the evening.

First issues cropped up in the morning. The HC bus was delayed by about an hour. Along the way to the country rain began to fall. Storm seemed to be gathering. Lightnings began to rend the sky and low rollings of thunder grumbled in the depths of the heavens. gloomy-storm-truck-road-awesome
Everybody was really getting frightened. Suddenly, the lightning struck on the tree, and it fell down on the bus. The driver tried to avoid the breakdown, but it happened.

Our team decided to hitchhike. Three of them picked up a car and went to the country. The other two continued to wait on the road.

When three members of our team came to the country breakfast was eaten. The rain was over.  Sorrowful and hungry, they decided to go to the nearest shop and buy some food. I would like to remind, that HC didn’t offer help. They bought some food and ate it. One of them felt bad, his stomach was acting up, and he had to go to the hospital.

The Boat Race started. Our team got boat pieces and started to create a boat. They were frightened, exhausted, hungry. Their friends hadn’t come back yet. One member got to the hospital. That is needless to say, that everything was bad. Our team lost the race.

They had to get to the city  hitchhike again, but no one from this event wanted to pick up psxx9j7yuiqthe losers. HC company suggested to wait for a bus, which had to come next morning. Meal was
ended, and shop was closed. They wanted to eat so much, that’s why they decided to kill a squirrel, or, if they are lucky, a bear. But hunting ended with two harvest mice, which were roasted on the fire and ate.

Do you remember these two guys? They stayed on the road. So. They haven’t come back yet. Somebody says, that they were kidnaped by aliens, other says, that it’s devil’s tricks or they were eaten by wolfs. No matter.

At today’s daily meeting we decided not to cooperate with that hospitality company anymore.  Yes, I know that it sounds strange, the service wasn’t so bad, but we lost 3 people, our director said, that was a little bit pity, HR agreed. That’s why we created a brief plan which describes some rules for avoiding such issues.

First of all, we should check weather forecast before approving the participation in such open-air events. Secondly, it will be perfect if we choose a hospitality company guided by reviews. Finally, we should send to that kind of events people, who are not so important for our company. For example, employees who are late every day or who never smile or who always drink coffee instead of working (especially who drink coffee loudly). We decided, that we would not feel so much sorry for them.

About Reading

I’ve got a hometask on my english courses. We should have read one book by June. You can choose any book you want, but you must start and finish, must track your progress, filling a boring “phrases vocabulary”. Why do I have to do this?

You know, I don’t like to read at all. Yes, everyone knows, that is quite useful to read books. Especially, classical literature. But for me it’s rather difiicult to make sit and start. After I usually continue without any problems, but THESE FIRST MINUTES. Such a real nightmare.

That’s why I decided yesterday to start my blog. I will write, but what am I going to wrire about? Me, who has a inconspicuous life (what a strange word “inconspicuous”). I’m going to write about what I’ve read. Quite simple. This blog, I suppose, helps me with this “reading motivation”.

So, who is “the victim”? The victim is Remarque. Do you know this guy? erich-maria-remarque-1898-1970-german-everettI’ve chosen Remarque’s book, because I’ve read three of his works before. All of them were pretty sincere and profound dramas with the sad end.

I’m not that kind of people who likes crying, curling up on the bed. No. One of the main subject of this book is love. Speaking more exactly, love, war and different types of alcohol. Like a calling card, the detailed description of alcohol exists in every Remarque’s book. But there is not why I’ve chosen Remarque. I’m not alcoholic.

So I’ve chosen the “Three Comrades” novell. I’ve been reading it for 2 weeks, I assume. What this book about.

First of all let me introduce the main character. His name is Robert Lohkamp. From the very beginning we know about him, that he’s a First World War’s solider, he’s going to celebrate his thirties birthday with friends – Otto and Gottfired. Robert looks exhausted, sick of his life,  demoralized. He looks back on the past, an awful memories flashes back…

Now that’s all I’ve read. I’m going to add new facts after reading.

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